Who can subscribe to Gamer Pack Service?
Gamer Pack Service is applicable to designated customers of NETVIGATOR 1000M or above Fiber-to-the-Home broadband services.
How can I subscribe?
Simply go to https://gamer.netvigator.com/eng/index.html or call our hotline. Subscribers may have to reboot the modem on the day service is activated.
When will the service activate if I have registered successfully?
We will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours after your registration. We will confirm with you the service activation date at that time.
Is it only customers subscribing to 1000M or higher plans who qualify for Gamer Pack?
We will consider offering this service to other NETVIGATOR users in the near future.
Service features
Which online games are covered by the low latency guarantee?
We will review and update the online game list that could be covered by low latency guarantee. The latest list will be shown on Gamer Pack website (https://gamer.netvigator.com).
Is the money-back guarantee applicable to issues from game providers or game servers?
It is applicable to round-trip latency measured from our NETVIGATOR broadband line for access to specified server locations relating to a certain game provider. This will be published on NETVIGATOR's list of benchmark destinations, as set out at the Gamer Pack website (please refer to money-back guarantee in Terms and Conditions).
If I use wireless, homeplug or a VPN for connectivity, can the ping be guaranteed?
The money-back guarantee is applicable only to 1000M or more FTTH via a wired connection*.
*Please refer to money-back guarantee in Terms and conditions.
Does the Gamer Pack enhance network speed?
Key features of the Gamer Pack are a low-latency guarantee and latency monitoring in relation to specific online games at designated locations. We make no claims that network speed is enhanced.
How can I get the discount, as offered by HKTshop.com?
After subscribing to Gamer Pack, customers will receive special offers periodically, so you can get discount on gaming equipment at HKTShop.com. If you have opted out of receiving promotional messages from us, please change to opt-in to make sure you are aware of such promotional offers.
What kinds of services will dedicated online feedback support provide?
We will help whenever a customer has a technical issue playing online games. This could be about unstable or unusual network latency, for example. You can login and complete the online feedback form. We will respond as soon as possible after investigating.
Why does NETVIGATOR describe round-trip latency as average, but users feel there is higher than average game latency at peak hours?
Latency can be affected by a variety of external reasons. If users feel there is a network latency issue, we suggest they login to the Gamer Pack website and make a technical inquiry using the online survey. We will reply as soon as possible. The guaranteed round-trip latency published by NETVIGATOR is based on using the most representative server. This latency may be slightly different to the one various users are talking about.
Except computer, is Gamer Pack service applicable to other video game console (e.g. Playstation / Xbox)?
Gamer Pack service is now applicable to computer only. We will review and expand the service coverage in the future.
Making a money-back guarantee claim
What is the claim procedure?
Submit an online claim form via the Gamer Pack website after login, along with documentary proof within seven business days from the date the round-trip latency was measured. Upload any two (2) items of documentary proof (via screen capture or photos) from the items listed below:
  1. In-game network latency value
  2. Gamer Pack network latency monitoring reading showing actual network latency value and
  3. Ping proof and/or traceroute command
The round-trip latency measurement data must be consistently greater than the slower end of the guaranteed round-trip latency we specify at the Gamer Pack website for at least two (2) consecutive hours, including each measurement (ie at the start, the end and in-between period) captured 60 minutes or less from the last measurement.
How many supporting documents need to be uploaded if my latency claim period is between 14:00-16:00? What are the document type specifications? Will the document need a time stamp?
You need to capture three (3) measurements:
  1. At the start period (14:00);
  2. At the end period (16:00), and
  3. In between or during that period (15:00).
Providing at least two (2) items of documentary proof, as specified, means you need to upload six (6) measurements in total.

We suggest a ZIP file format and each capture/photo should display a computer clock date and time stamp.
How do I calculate the money I should get back if my latency claim period is between 23:00 and 01:00?
You will be entitled to make a claim for one day – e.g. monthly rate of $68/30-day x 1 day x 2 times = $4.6
Can I get past records for latency value?
Sorry, no such tool is currently available.
What is the response time I can expect after submitting an online claim? And what is the communications channel used?
We aim to respond within 10 business days via mainly email, or telephone.
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